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We help real estate investors make more money.

Invest confidently and smartly. Discover and understand real estate metrics that will make or break a deal through our online educational course. Never feel confused again when looking at the financials for your properties!

Know your numbers

Right now, lots of residential investors are buying unprofitable deals because they analyzed the financials incorrectly. Through our online course, learn the right metrics and how to analyze them so you never end up in this group!

Eliminate confusion

Have you ever had another investor or real estate agent throw out an investing term in conversation, and you had no idea what it meant? We bring clarity to these terms and break them down so you can confidently negotiate and evaluate properties.

Find the metric for you

Cap rate, NPV, IRR… There are so many investing metrics out there. Through the course, you will learn the most important metrics, understand how to calculate them, and then be able to pick a few that are your go-to metrics for clearly understanding your deals.

What you’ll learn in the course

  • Common real estate metrics every investor should know
  • Step-by-step explanations and examples of the math behind the metrics
  • Hands-on practice with the metrics so you can confidently use them on your own properties
  • A break-down of how to run the numbers plus what you should be looking for in those numbers to make sure it’s a good deal

Who should take this course

Residential real estate investors who want to invest confidently.


Investors with a few properties

If you have ever had a deal go bad after a few months, this course is designed to help take the guess work and surprise out of investing.

Investors who are just starting out

If you’re brand new to investing, this course will give you a foundation so you can smartly evaluate deals to begin building your portfolio.


Unlock the 3 Most Useful Metrics in Real Estate

Get our step-by-step guide that teaches you the basics of becoming a savvy real estate investor.

Invest confidently & smartly!

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